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Now you can consult the Idiot's Guide for the latest up to the minute advice on transforming your dull boring life into a new exciting rockabilly lifestyle!

First of all in your quest to become rockabilly you should remember to never EVER refer to rockabilly as rockabilly.

It needs a group of enthusiastic people, with diverse skills and interests, willing to put in time to shape an event where all dance schools, clubs and dancers feel welcome and included. Then build on it, when we have perfected the formula, and the right set of individuals to run it.

As a result the organizers will need broad representation, and a vast skill base to be effective. We suggest looking at the second half of the year, as there are plenty of festivals in the first half.

" Or, "Yeah, my favorite fuckin song is Hillbilly Gully-Wully by Skipper Kipman and the Muddy Cake Bakers! Other than that just smile and nod your head in appreciation when people play rockabilly music around you. Dancers and band members have inundated us with requests to get an annual local rock'n'roll festival/weekend up and running in Perth. Other states seem to be able to get these things off the ground. Summersun was an attempt to address the west coast festival deficit.

Many dance schools and dancers failed to support it, as it was felt it was "owned" by an individual.

We assume you've been practicing your new exciting rockabilly slang too, so lets fix you up with a new Bettie makeover!

First of all: leopard print is your new best friend, embrace it.No more marathon viewings of Elvis movies, and Horton Heat videos!No more calling up your friends in the middle of the night to find out what's cool and what isn't!We'd love to see a Sunset Coast Rock'n'Roll Festival get off the ground. We'd like to see it not-for-profit, so grants and sponsorship can be accessed. We've had many requests, and we do have some of the expertise ...but this website is our contribution to Perth Rock'n'Roll.This is lame and people will see you for the poser scenster you are.