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Be warned: even though the text is posted faster compared to the standard chat module, many users logging onto the chat may bring your Moodle site to a crawl. Question Ajax Replacement Chat opens as a new window. Use the following inputs: Username: student Password: moodle One involves a free chat service that you can embed right into your Week or Topic section: The problem is this: how did I managed to get the chatroom to be embedded inside a topic or a week? You'll have to tune next time to find out how I did it.What if you wanted a chatroom that was embedded right on your Moodle course itself - right within the topic or week? In my next two posts on this blog, I will show in detail the TWO alternative methods of adding a group chatroom directly inside your Moodle course page. Both methods are fully customisable so that you get get them to blend into your site's theme.At least one is a commercial offering, whilst the others are free.Standard Moodle 1.9 Chat Module Some tutors feel that the standard Moodle 1.9 chat is too slow and that it is a bit of a resource hog."l'm glad your mother finally left, I've been waiting for this all day.

AM RAPE 7A2 AM Chatango user does not exist ype a messag Bad, Club, and Nsfw: #main-chat t you take your negatmty s fine to dislike things but no..Free for Adults: Go to My Free Cams, the #1 adult webcam and sex chat community!You can watch thousands of sexy girls on webcam and chat with them for FREE Click Here to See Who is Online at My Free Cams right now!Gmail-Like Chat is great, except that it doesn't (yet) handle group chatting. 123 Flash Chat The 123 Flash Chat module looks promising and is chockful of features multimedia. This is what the standard Moodle chat module should be like!It is a commercial product but you can get a free host here. If in the past you felt that the standard chatroom was just too slow, why not give Ajax Replacement Chat a try? Raise your hand if you have ever wasted more than an hour chatting with others online. Along with games like Tetris, Lemmings, Counterstrike (pretty old games, I know), chatting is one big time sinkhole.