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The Berliner/Brandeburger are well known for their love of Word-humor.

However, German humor is probably less cruel then american, and its definetly not a cultural trait to be mean to your woman.

I am American woman and have been dating a German (actually, Bavarian) man for over a year now.

Okay we don't get he calculator out every meal - evey shopping trip but since I earn more I pay more and would invite my then girlfriend moreso.Good example is when we went on holiday I paid the greater share even though my then Girlfriend said no.It is really tacky to an American (culturally speaking). At the time I earned 40% of what he did, so where we went depended on what that person could afford.Once we got married however, we became full partners, and what's mine is his and his is mine, which despite cultures, to me is the only way to be.(even on a date) I would love to get some opinions of other couples out there. Is the humor that different between cultures and I shouldn't take it personally? Yes, there are cultural differences, but and that is a big BUT, your culture matters too. This of course will require that you tell him everything that you would like to expect and then be a bit patient as he will obviously fail at first to live up to it.

Should I really be splitting all the bills, or is he just cheap? Gentle reminders will help and so will writing it all down so that he can refer back to it as often as he needs. Problem identified, course made, solution depends on you both.Theres been women who loved me for making fun of them, but i am pretty certain that it was never cruel or downputting.Executive Summary: face the possibility that you're just not made for each other.I also think the 'splitting everything on dates' is a bit mean, can't you both just take it in turns to pay, you're a couple FFS!As eurovol said there are a few threads on exactly this topic already but the bottom line is that German guys do like to go Dutch when going out and, in general terms, have the humour capabilities of a small stone in a rock pool.Teasing would be fine if you both did it, and teasing can be an art form - just watch someone like Harald Schmidt interviewing someone, but the fact is that you are not comfortable, he knows you are not comfortable and yet he keeps on doing it. Taking turns is more usual than splitting every bill.