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Prewar military bikes had numbers without the prefix in line with civil bikes. Initially, spare frames and engines were numbered in line with the ordered M/C's. The number of frames (and sometimes engines) found without the W may however be an indication that the correct numbering of spare/replacement frames might not have been so rigorously followed.

Dating the bikes based on the contract numbers is a tricky issue.Bikes made on a contract date in one year could very well have been delivered the next year.Also found on many early engines is a Quality control stamp consisting of a broad arrow over an M and with a number underneath.On all engines, bore and stroke are given at the right hand upper corner.This wil inevitably be an incomplete inventory (many bikes lost, not everybody responding etc) , but it will hopefully give some insight in the numbers.

The W numbers are the original WD16H War Department numbers from late October 1939 onwards.

Gearboxes also have an identifying serial number, but they can not be used for dating a bike.

If you want to help unravel the past, please send me your frame and engine numbers (and preferably the others as well).

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Headstock frame casting numbers are found at the left, aft side on the steering head, saddle casting number is found on the left-hand side below the saddle.