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The autopsy review, though, suggests just how much the police may have considered the Ramseys as suspects.

However, the suitcase belonged to John’s eldest son, John Andrew, and the things inside were incredibly unnerving.

Inside were a semen-encrusted blanket and a book by Dr. At the time, John Andrew was a childless college student, far too old to be reading Dr. But the semen on the blanket was proven to be his by a DNA test.

The police questioned Lucinda and talked to family friends.

When the police left, they were confident that John Andrew and Melinda, John Ramsey’s children with his first wife, could be removed from the list of suspects.

According to some investigators, that didn’t happen from only one night of abuse.

At age three, Jon Benet visited her doctor twice complaining about vaginal irritation and redness.However, newspapers reported that John and Patsy wanted to “support” Lucinda.So the couple flew as quickly as possible to Lucinda’s home to be with her when she spoke to the police.The police knew that John Andrew wasn’t in town when the murder happened because they asked his mother, Lucinda.After Jon Benet’s death, detectives flew to Atlanta where Lucinda lived with her new husband.Few have delved into who the Ramsey family really is—and what they did before and after Jon Benet’s death.