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Nor can he hold his right arm straight out to the side of his body.

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"I had surgery on my right elbow to have spurs removed, and on my left elbow to have a ligament fixed. There are some headaches, some brief memory loss, some occasional involuntary twitching. He developed a good relationship with Brian [Daboll]. "I feel better than I have -- physically and emotionally -- probably since I played. He also gained recognition as a baseball player, especially for his pitching skills.Kosar chose to play college football at the University of Miami, which ran a passing-oriented offense and was beginning to emerge as one of the top football programs in the nation.He says dealing with the pain, especially the emotional pain, has made him a better person. I kept smelling salts in my pouch [around his waist] when I was out there, because I'd get hit and feel dizzy." He paused. The initial hit wasn't the worst, it was when your head banged down on that turf. "I've gotten to know some of Bernie's friends from the Browns," Longaberger said.

He doesn't stay angry." The physical toll on his body is real. "We played at Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Houston every year," Kosar said. "Most of them have real physical problems from football that they'll deal with the rest of their lives. "The kids live in Florida, but they spend a lot of time up here with me. I have stopped making long-term plans because I have learned how it all can change. (born November 25, 1963) is a former American football quarterback who played professionally in the National Football League (NFL)."We hadn't talked since I was cut [by the Browns in 1993]," Kosar said. Kosar also forgot he was an honor student with a finance degree from the University of Miami. "Anyone who had a lot of Florida real estate and says they didn't get killed [financially] in the last few years is lying." Kosar is starting over. He is now represented by Neil Cornrich, one of the National Football League's most respected agents. He gave a short speech about the company's product line aimed at pro and college football fans. "He misses the locker room environment that no one really understands but the players. They proved it in the last four games of the year." Kosar remains a consultant for the Browns. He simply said he was available to the coaches, and it wasn't long before Mangini began to incorporate the former quarterback into some film sessions with the coaches. "I heard that Art was in a wheelchair and not doing well. "When I was playing, I never thought it would end," he said. He allowed some people to handle his money, and he simply didn't pay attention to where it went. He's dating Tami Longaberger, the CEO of The Longaberger Co. It's nationally known for its handmade, quality baskets and enthusiastic, Avon-like sales force. Kosar is working through his bankruptcy issues and working with Longaberger on selling products with NFL licensing. Yes, he was there to shake hands and sign autographs, but he was more like a blocking back and a safety-valve receiver with Tami quarterbacking the business. He still appreciates the loyalty and love he receives from the guys he played with." Kosar's last game with the Browns was 11 games into the 1993 season. That's why I loved sitting down late at night in Berea with [Browns offensive coordinator] Brian Daboll and [coach] Eric Mangini, looking at film. When former General Manager George Kokinis left the team in the middle of last season, owner Randy Lerner asked Kosar to be around the team -- to be available to Mangini. I have enjoyed my communications with Bernie through the years." It sounds very formal and sterile, but the facts are that Kosar has reached out to Modell and Belichick over the years, two guys who were part of the worst season of his life. But I have been treated, I am doing better." Kosar said all that without a trace of pity.