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The biblically based Q&A format makes it easy to pinpoint the questions that matter to you most.With enduring truth and an extensive knowledge of Scripture, Graham answers over 100 thought-provoking questions about heaven. Graham has led by his extraordinary example of integrity.Mercy Me's crossover hit, "I Can Only Imagine", has touched millions of people around the world.

His books have been translated into 38 languages, selling millions of copies worldwide.

In Angels, Graham provides astonishing insight into God’s behind-the-scenes secret agents.

Carefully documented, eminently fair, and gracefully written, it raises and answers key questions about Graham's character, contributions, and influence on the world religious scene.

In this engaging and comprehensive book, William Martin gives readers a better understanding of the most successful evangelist in modern history, and the movement he led for over fifty years.

Through his widely attended, often televised crusades, Dr.

Billy Graham has carried the good news of Christ to people on every continent.We learn to deal with challenges along the way: temptation; wrong thoughts and motives; habits that destroy our spirit; and what to do when life turns against us.Billy Graham, one of Christianity’s most beloved evangelists, lends his reassuring expertise and a compassionate heart while answering questions about our future and final home.Graham began a study of the Bible to see what is said about the Holy Spirit.As he progressed through his examination, he became concerned by the “misunderstanding and even ignorance in some Christian circles concerning the Third Person of the Trinity.” A Prophet with Honor is the biography Billy Graham himself invited and appreciated for its sympathetic but frank approach.Many people today find that their prayers don't work.