Can good looks be intimidating

His Dominus comment was valid, he thought that he would be taller, no hidden meaning or reference to his position.

And to explain why his lines aren't at all about "how awesome he is" like the duelist, here's his level 30 line: Of all the character's lines I think the Shadow has my favorites, but honestly they're all great with exception of a few of the Ranger lines like the mountain one when she enters the Sceptre of God, and pretty much all of the Scion's new dialogue.

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If you look at the image with all the gods on it, the on used for the god powers screen with innocence and sin at the top and bottom, you can see that Tukohama looks more or less exactly like they do in the screenshot above, so i assume the model is final or at least the design is.

I think you're biased because his arena isn't sorrounded by lava falls and you aren't swarmed by a gazillion minions...

Bitch please Kaom could wear his head on his belt any day.

I hope GGG make him look more intimidating Edit: People keep pointing out ziggy said models are placeholders.

If he didn't threaten Lioneye's Watch it might not be a bad idea. Of course reasons dictate you gotta deal with them (though there will be optional act gods according to an interview).

The difference here is that he isn't a god that just represents war, but rather an avatar.

I can't remember any particular Ranger quotes though.

Those two lines don't really sound edgy to me.

Buuuut this Tukohama looks almost the same as the one in the picture with the black winged guy on the left side.

I was thinking that, he could look like a freakin' six-headed dragon if he wanted.

The completely omnipotent god of unquestioning obedience is far more of a modern take on Deity Fan fiction AKA religion.