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The Secret Of Bringing True Love Into Your Life Intimacy Intensive is over 12 HOURS of in-depth “live” training devoted to overcoming the biggest challenge most men will ever face in life – finding their perfect partner and taking intimacy with her to a life-changing new level.FREE VIDEO: The Secret Of Bringing True Love Into Your Life eople (men AND women), respond to a real challenge in two ways: They either give up (while sometimes trying and failing or by not trying at all ) OR they get EXCITED by it and rise up to the challenge.

What I learned from David in a statement which I will never forget, brought out my “challenger” instincts and it started with a shift in attitude: “How would you act if you knew that beyond the shadow of a doubt she was TOTALLY into you and wanted to be with you, but you weren’t that interested and decided to RELUCTANTLY give her a chance to hang out with you.” We act differently when we believe a certain woman already wants us and I think it’s okay to assume it as long as we’re not overly arrogant about and can inject humor and fun into our interactions with her.

It also stops us from doing a major “attraction killer” which is also on page 36: “Most guys think they need to impress an attractive woman.

The Top Ten list I’m suggesting comes with a few questions because I understand how hard it can be to accomplish all of this when we’re starting with nothing or are feeling conflicted about all the advice we’ve been given. The greatest challenge we can offer is to put a high value on our life and to make sure we’re enjoying it as much as we can. ) This gives us the opportunity to really turn up our charm, flirt, and challenge her to want to know even more. What works best is the classic “cocky/funny” responses I learned directly from my very first “teacher,” David De Angelo.

These are important and “challenging” questions: Keep them in mind as you go through the list and please follow through each one plus the links I provide because there’s no doubt in my mind, (based on my many experiences and teachings) that if we can offer more value and a higher lever of interaction with these challenges every one of us can find a way enhance her attraction to us. Honestly, if we’re not having fun we might have to take a cold hard look at where we are in life and do SOMETHING to change it. The key to making this a real challenge is in the words themselves – The Difference Between Giving Her Space and Creating The Space Necessary If we follow number one on the list, this is much easier because when we’re busy, it’s hard to be needy. Sometimes space is just a matter of not meddling in her right to live her her own life the way she wants. We KNOW women who may or not be sexually attracted to us and that is all left for her to think about later. A word of warning though, this can be easily overdone and we go from attracting her to boring her or her not even caring about the answers any more. He told me the unbeatable formula is simple but sometimes hard to get: Take a cocky statement and spin a little humor into it. It takes a little practice but you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised how well it changes your entire interactions with women, from something with little challenge to an attractive guy who is funny AND a real challenge. I was literally blown away from how quickly and easily it worked.

Whether it’s silly fun or creating sexual tension, teasing her gives most women an emotional challenge they love because most guys just don’t know how or when to do it effectively.

Timing is important and the level of the relationship is very relevant.If you’ve ever done it right, even by just just our words we’ll notice her voice change, goosebumps, nervous chatter, and it’s something amazing and fun to be a part of. Rather than get too deep in this very large subject I’ll once again pass it on to a post which is more defined and helpful.– Any game which is lively and fun work extremely well because I’ve found lots of women love competition.Teasing can be a game and as long as it’s fun and sometimes sexy creates natural anticipation of what is coming next.It also in a way makes any woman of any age feel youthful and full of energy.With that in mind how we talk to her and what we talk about is the easiest way to challenge her in the beginning.