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Is requiring nuns to provide coverage of abortion-inducing drugs and contraception the least restrictive way to accomplish that interest?

In truth one needn’t be against contraception to think the government shouldn’t coerce nuns into being forced to provide it.

The government protects the freedom of citizens to seek the truth about God and worship according to their conscience, and to live out their convictions in public life.

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Likewise, one needn’t be against baking wedding cakes for same-sex couples to think the government shouldn’t be able to force evangelicals to do so.

Part of the genius of the American system of government is our commitment to protecting the liberty and First Amendment freedoms of all citizens while respecting their equality before the law.

It’s about what we do Monday through Saturday as well.” What the Times dubs “discrimination” is in actuality simply liberty.

Liberty isn’t about acting only in ways that the New York Times approves of.

While the government must treat everyone equally, private actors are left free to make reasonable judgments and distinctions—including reasonable moral judgments and distinctions—in their economic activities.

Not every florist need provide wedding arrangements for every ceremony.

And there is no need for government to try to force every photographer and every florist to service every marriage-related event. And it requires allowing others to do or not do things that we might choose differently for ourselves.

Sorin Cârţu, una dintre legendele Craiovei, l-a criticat în termeni duri pe Răzvan Burleanu, noul şi vechiul preşedinte al FRF.

În ceea ce-l priveşte pe Lupescu, Sorin Cârţu a fost categoric: "A fost un prost că a venit să încerce, să-şi spună un punct de vedere", a mai spus Cârţu, la Digi Sport.