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S., about a quarter of them sprawled across a bed while staring into the computer. Some of these guys "nexted" participants simply for belonging to their same gender.

There’s no login, there’s no registration, and that’s fundamentally different from Facebook and Twitter, where your real persona is tied back to you,” said Sarita Yardi, a doctoral candidate at the Georgia Institute of Technology who studies the role of technology in teenagers’ lives.

Sure, message boards and chat rooms have long provided venues for anonymous mockery or derision, but Chatroulette allows participants to do so via video!

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After some meandering small talk, the boy in the middle, the typist (therefore the leader), admitted their motivation for using the new Internet (and media) sensation, Chatroulette: “We want to see boobs, but with, like…talking.” Chances are you have at least heard of Chatroulette. On the "Daily Show," Jon Stewart demonstratedhow to use it, while mocking the media’s overreaction to the porn predictably rampant on site characterized by anonymity.

Chatroulette is the creation of 17-year-old wunderkind Andrey Ternovskiy, a high school student in Moscow.

The answer to the second question was nearly a resounding reply all across the globe: “I was curious.” For some, that curiosity was for the supernatural pairing of naked breasts and “talking,” for others it was an individual or group hunt for “weird shit.” One reticent Swede leaned his head against the wall and considered my question.

“To meet who is out there,” he explained sincerely, “to find others.” Most of the “strangers" I met asked me my age and where I was from, but only one or two of these guys asked my name, revealing a major part Chatroulette's appeal: anonymity.

While talking to a French guy as he listened to Regina Spektor, my brother crossed the room behind me. " he admonished and immediately “nexted” me, his face mid-sneer. I spoke with one female, watched another girl dance, and there was one young woman in a group of drunks sitting around a kitchen table in Utah.

Which leads to my first observation: most of the people I interacted with on that small screen were men. Most of the guys I encountered were alone, and only about half of them lived in the U. lamented, almost everyone on Chatroulette is a guy, and most of those guys only meet other guys, and a decent number of them seem to enjoy lounging about in only their underwear.

One Chicagoan described his night of Chatroulette: I became friends with a brazilian, i toked a bowl with someone simultaneously, i took a shit and had all kinds of people watch, a dude in oakland showed me ounces of weed and wanted my number so he could mail me some, i stood on my chair and acted like i was masturbating and this dude would not stop watching, a dude in germany tried to sell me jeans for 0, one guy fell asleep in front of his computer and i yelled at him long enough for him to wake up and next me.. There's also a lot of girls with the camera pointed at their cleve, cutting off at the neck..of them was bouncing up and down.