Cheap dating ideas for couples

But if not, there are plenty of other sporting events going on weekly at your college and they are free. Study together We all have to do it, so why not make a date out of it!Studying doesn't have to mean spending hours at the quiet library all by yourself.

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If a movie theater near your campus offers this same deal, it would make a cheap and fun date. Carve pumpkins Get inspired by the wonderful season which is upon us and carve some pumpkins with your special someone.

Your only expense will be buying some pumpkins from a grocery store, which is not costly whatsoever, and purchasing some carving knifes.

This is a fantastic fall activity which will make for a great date. Go to a school sporting event Attending most sporting events in college is 100% free to students.

Take your date to a swimming meet or a lacrosse game.

Play some classic Italian music in the background and create an atmosphere that will make you and your date feel as if you just landed in Rome.

After dinner if the mood is feeling right, you could watch a romantic Italian movie together, my personal suggestion would be Letters to Juliet, the perfect Italian romance.

After the movie, surprise your date with a classic Italian dessert, such as Gelato. Go stargazing This date is awesome because it is absolutely free.

Stargazing is about romantic as it gets so you can not go wrong.

The zoo is an inexpensive activity, especially if you are a college student because most zoos offer discounted tickets with your student ID.

Going to the zoo is secretly an activity that everybody loves, so why not enjoy it with the person you like?

It is another metro park that has a beautiful waterfall and great hiking trails.