Christian beadles dating jasmine villegas

Of course those who aren’t very fond of Jasmine will all want to believe it’s her. Is this another Photoshopped attempt at ruining a young teen’s career or is this really Jasmine Villegas?

But let’s be real, Jasmine knows better to never do a photo-shoot like this. So, if you aren’t aware of the immense “Jasmine vs.

Whether it came to dancing, singing, acting, showing more love to their fans. The main topic they’ve been compared in is who is better… Last night, like almost every other night since “Jelena”, drama arose on Twitter.And this incident was actually worth laughing over.So props to Justin for being aware and creeping through Jinsu’s tweets.But it seems like with ‘Jelena’, Selena’s recent magazine covers mention a LOT of Justin.Though, she’s been getting non-stop hate ever since from Selenators, she continues to ignore it. No, 3.) For the other tweet, I can agree on because a lot of Beliebers were actually following Jinsu before and after this Twitter war.

Most of Jinsu’s fans on twitter are Jasminators/Beliebers that found his music through Jasmine and so on.

But honestly take a look yourself: Now let’s all take a second to laugh. This looks like one of those Playboy magazine shoots.

Not only that, but the image looks very Photoshopped. Those figures of the image doesn’t match up with the body of the picture. 100% fake and whoever created this image is a Photoshop genius.

It all started with a tweet (Lol, fairytale remix.) Jasmine tweeted a Selena hater on May 31st: First, let’s explain this.

The Selena hater (who has now changed their twitter name to @i Support Jas V), tweeted Jasmine about how much she loved her and how big of a fan she was of her and her music. The percentage of those hate tweets were from Selenators and Jelenators of course.

Wonder if Justin realizes he gives her more attention as well.. If he would of tweeted Jinsu directly, that would of caused more tension and more people would of found out about Jinsu in the first place. Soon after, we all knew who Justin was talking about.