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As long as they meet the definition of a sharps container, (i.e., containers must be closable, puncture resistant, leakproof on sides and bottom, and labeled or color-coded), OSHA would consider them to be of an acceptable composition.

If you’ve been reading this site for any length of time, you have undoubtedly realized that floor tape is one of the most effective, yet underutilized, products on the market today.

Whether it is a hi-low, a fork-lift, or any other type of vehicle, it is important to have them parked in the proper spots when they are not in use.

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Using floor marking tape to draw attention to the path that a door will take when it is opened is a surprisingly important way to improve safety.When working in a facility, people are often carrying heavy objects, or even potentially hazardous materials.This post will contain all the information you ever wanted to know about the benefits of floor marking tape, how to properly use it, some tips and tricks on how your facility can benefit from it, and much more.So, without further ado, let’s get started When people hear me talking about floor marking tape, they often wonder just what could possibly be so great about this product.As you’ll learn more about else ware in this guide, you’ll want to make sure the color of the tape you choose for this type of hazard communications is always the same so it sends a clear message.

Most facilities today have a number of different vehicles which travel through the area to help get jobs done.

Sectioning off small areas for this type of parking within the facility can save a significant amount of time and energy right away.

While most people think of themselves as verbal communicators, the fact is almost all people communicate using their sight almost as much as their mouth and ears.

In addition to being beneficial, however, they can also be quite dangerous.

These machines typically have many moving parts, which if they come into contact with a person can cause severe injury or even death.

Some specific uses that have been found in many facilities include the following: Of course, there are many other colors that you can use, and many other threats that exist.