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(See my review of Vegas’s most luxurious private VIP rooms.) And a few Vegas strip clubs offer some larger private VIPs for small groups like bachelor parties.

With a few exceptions, most of the clubs in town will quote you a price for their group and private VIPs that sounds similar to the prices at other clubs.

But the actual price varies widely between clubs because of the bar tab effect.

Some of the less expensive options are among the best rooms in town for privacy, comfort and dancer selection. Few visitors to Vegas strip clubs, including those who visit regularly, realize how greatly the VIP room prices differ from one club to another.

I’ll also tell you when and how you can negotiate for a better price.

This is an outstanding level of privacy for the price of a single lap dance.

The lap dances at Little Darlings are fully nude and start at , though many dancers ask - for fully-nude lap dances with touching.

Little Darlings offers an excellent selection of dancers.

In most cases, the VIP rate is actually based on three songs, not 10 minutes.

The doorway may be open or it may have a door you can close or a curtain you can draw across the opening.

These private 1-on-1 rooms may be grouped in a big room (most common) or lined up down private hallways (Little Darlings) that afford additional privacy.

But Babes’ price includes two drinks, while Crazy Horse III requires a 5 bar tab in addition to the 0 charge for the room. The charts below show the full cost of each club’s VIP, with a breakdown of the room and liquor charges.