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And then of course the crew of “Nashville" who brought her to life, every crew member in every department who made Rayna live each week.'She posted the message along with a photo of herself in character tearing up on stage.She posted another photo of her and co-star Charles Esten on Friday with the caption: 'Love this man.

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PAUL MN THE TURF CLUB 8/25/2018 MADISON WI THE ORTON PARK FESTIVAL 8/26/2018 OMAHA NE THE SUNDAY ROADHOUSE PRESENTS 10/5/2018 SAN FRANCISCO CA MAKE OUT ROOM 10/6/2018 SAN FRANCISCO CA MAKE OUT ROOM 10/21/2018 NOVATO CA HOPMONK TAVERN COOKOUT SERIES SOLO Folks, Hey, speaking of merchandise. We had such a ball touring with the Bottle Rockets, and before we ink a deal with, we want to give you opportunity to own a commemorative Chuck Prophet/Bottle Rockets poster. Gutiérrez wrote and directed one of the first motion pictures made expressly for internet distribution, the ensemble crime comedy Girl Walks into a Bar, starring Carla Gugino, Rosario Dawson, Robert Forster, Danny De Vito, Josh Hartnett and Alexis Bledel, among others.Gutiérrez cowrote a song for the film, "Only Bad Can Come", with composer Grant Lee Phillips.Gutierrez usually works with a revolving company of actors which include: Gugino stated in 2009 that they had no plans to marry, commenting, "Marriage isn't important for us.

We like being boyfriend and girlfriend; there's something sexy and fun about that.

As a screenwriter, he has written Gothika, Snakes on a Plane, The Eye, The Big Bounce and Hotel Noir.

He has written and directed two independent female-driven ensemble comedies, Women in Trouble and Elektra Luxx, revolving around a group of Los Angeles women.

Our man John Wiseman at Ocho Loco made each and every one by hand with loving care. It's probably too late for Christmas, but if you buy one today we'll gift wrap it at no additional cost. Check out the poster and place your order here: of merch table memories, lately I've been a little off my game and there have been times Stephie says, "Maybe you could skip going out there tonight? "Yeah, but I just bought a new Sharpie." "Yeah," she says, "but I'm not sure you're really helping things so much." So I put my Sharpie away and update my Instagram backstage.

Memories fade, love dies, but an Ocho Loco poster lasts forever. Here's some highlights of recent comments: "So, would you consider doing a Green on Red reunion?

Holding the cap in my mouth I write under Dan's image: "This man has in excess of three chins at last count." I snap the cap back on the Sharpie and walk away feeling pretty good. I say, "That sounds cool." And he says, "Yes, it's good. Backstage, Instagram updated, I pick up a magazine and pretend to read it.