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In her previous life, Lisa was a computer engineer and program manager at Hewlett Packard for nine years.

This project is up-to-date as of December 2013, but Gordon and Steve may update their respective software in the future.

If you notice any major changes to Wiring Pi or Voice Command that make my instructions obsolete, please leave a comment or send me a message.

The end result is voice-activated control of up to three electrical outlets using the Raspberry Pi.

Here's a video of the final product in action (read on for a detailed parts list, circuit diagram, and code): A couple notes before you begin.

Scott served in the US Air Force for four years as an electrician on the U2 spy plane.

He also worked as a laser engineer, performing maintenance and working in Research and Development.

The first thing you'll need to do is open the plastic case of the remote to expose the circuit board. Remove the battery cover and take the battery out for now. Use a small Phillips head screwdriver to remove the single screw holding the front and back halves of the plastic case together. Use needle nose pliers to bend off the keychain ring.

This exposes the underside of the circuit board, which you can remove from the case entirely to get a look at the top half.

However, I find it easier to work with the circuit board attached to the front half of the case.

This way, you can easily push the buttons when you're testing the circuit (next step).

He received his Project Management degree (BSIS) from the University of San Francisco.