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The only problem is that the townsfolk resolutely fail to play ball." We scrutinised an OFCOM report into Big Brother, where they'd refused to look at unaired footage in a privacy case brought by Nadia Almada.

Is this the same OFCOM that looked at unaired footage when hauling Big Brother over the coals for the Goody / Shetty racism some years earlier?

"It does not take a month of games to determine that Zimbabwe, Canada, and Kenya are weaker than other cricket sides.

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The Epicureans had a come-from-behind win in the Only Connect Championship of Champions, and Ian Bayley led his Crossworders past the 2010 University Challenge winners. The most spectacle of the show was on the host's face.

Channel 4 brought us their big new show, Some People You've Probably Heard Of And Some More You've Not and Not Tremendously Fear Inducing This Is It. Later in the year, new channel controller Jay Hunt said C4 was right to try Famous and Fearless.

In Waif magazine's "What's Hot and What's Rot" feature, this show was Rot. Glee Club saw Sam and Mark let loose in a singing competition, because seven-and-a-half years after killing Pop Idle might be enough punishment. Moment of the Year 3: "It would help if I knew who Peter Gabriel was" – Brian Sewell on Only Connect - video April followed next, and we rather enjoyed putting together a spoof review of Channel 4's Love Thy Neighbour. "It's clear that the producers have gone into this project knowing the programme they want to make...

Trade Your Way to the USA indoctrinated young people in capitalism and proved even more blood-sucking than the Young Dracula finale. The producers want to be seen as bringers of liberal values to a reactionary backwater.

A proposal to skip hay fever season and leap straight into July was rejected, so May came next.

It would have allowed us to miss There's Something About Josie, a fly-on-the-wall show following 2010 Big Brother winner Josie Gibson.The received wisdom amongst producers in 2011 was that a dodgy show could be improved by going live.In March, Push the Button tried to cover its general rubbishness by going live.Channel 5's Jeff Ford said afterwards that the programme "did not have enough for people to grab onto".Well, it had Josie, and it had her appendage John James Parton, but evidently the most important part of summer 2010 was missing. The Eurovision Song Contest wasn't won by celebrity haircuts Jedward, but they did beat the BBC's entry Blue.The only point of interest is which side will make up the quartet – will it be England, the West Indies, Bangladesh, or York?