updating maps on garmin c340 Dating a player is a losing game

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When you start with a new team, the system tries to estimate a skill level based on your other ratings.

Players & Teams in Diamond League or above will experience rating decay if they have not played for 7 days.

Once you have begun the search for a date, their want will be fulfilled for 24 hours.

When you have found a date for your villager, the couple will date for 24 hours, and little hearts will appear above their heads to signify their status.

This will then spin, telling you whether or not their attempt has been successful.

If they were successful, you will be given the option of which Charm(s) you wish to use for the pregnancy.

A marriage proposal must be accepted by the other player before the marriage will occur.

If after 24 hours they have not replied, the marriage want will reappear, and you will be able to choose again whether to re-propose or to break up. This fills the happiness meter of every villager who attends, including your bride/groom.

The first 5 Grand Champion teams/players on each ladder also get special Titles.

You can see the titles awarded and the players who received them in Titles Page.

After 24 hours of dating, your villager's thoughts will turn to marriage, and an engagement want will appear.