Dating a taurus man 100 big dad dating site

He comes right out & tells me how much he's always wanted me (recently bc i was telling him that I wasn't going to sleep with him unless we were in a committed relationship) Having been obsessed with understanding him & where he's coming from... and honestly from all the ridicious research I have done I've come to the conclusion that: they will test you to see how serious you are & will see how they feel about you all together...

I am trusting and have never become jealous until given a reason to be.

I like my space and am more then willing to give it and understand that it is needed.

I take it easy because I do not want to stress about everything about the small things even about the big things as long as who and what I care about is sound and stable I've learned not to over do it I have enough gray hair!

Take note of him being casual it may be a good thing to learn and ask him why he is so cool & calm about things (understand it then own it) you 2 may be butting heads for simple reasons of not knowing where each other are coming from hope my long winded speech can help Been married to T man 8 yrs older than me for 9 years.

I will come out with such strength to defend my Family, But will allow others to walk all over me. He is so different from any other man I have dated. I give him a earful and told him he wasn't being a man to me.silence and I'm regretting loosing him due to his sulk but I don't believe being true to me that I did the wrong thing in not accepting his crumbs! I just started dating a taurus about a month ago and its already becoming difficult.

I'm more reserved with my feelings but he is also and its not so great.

The interrogation style of conversation is no good if this isn't the case with you then tell him directly what the issues are and why they are issues and you need him to work with you on fixing them.

You say he has a casual nature and your intense do yourself a favor and relax, if you don't question his fidelity or anything damaging to a relationship then he isn't doing anything wrong and your probably driving yourself bonkers over nothing special tone it down breath.

if you're going to be true to yourself, your pisces self, you know you want to be able to breath without someone hovering over you asking you why you're breathing with out them.

unless you're into that sort of thing, if so, good luck. We have been together for 7 years and he is 14 years older than me.

The one thing that bothers me about my Taurus is that if he's wanted me all this time... While it does have some perks, they're very few and far between all the flaws.