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it explained that I first went to my mil doc and got denied.

I know the extremely unlikely risks associated but am still going through with it. I hate tricare prime and am happy I'm leaving active duty in 6 months.

I'm normally a really frugal guy so I won't feel too guilty about spending 0 so that I'm not stuck with a 0K bill.

If not, make sure you're on leave long enough to get off the meds, at least, and guard your records and scripts like they belong at Fort Knox.

I imagine you could avoid major trouble over the meds as long as you've got the documentation, but it'd suck to get hit with a piss test and have to explain why you're on narcotics that True, it's cheaper to fund a vasectomy than a family.

Like you note, the risks are extremely minimal but they can refuse you care for complications, and have you disciplined for failure to obey an order to boot. you'd think the service would happily pay 0 for a vasectomy vs.

I had a buddy have to sit on a board to determine if they'd pay out the life insurance for a member who had elective plastic surgery without permission and died on the table. thousands and thousands for dependent care if thats what the member wants.

Also forgot to mention - you may want to try the patient advocate to see if another provider would be willing to write the referral.

I can't say what army or dod policy is on the subject, or even if there is a set policy, but this may be an avenue of appeal. Vasectomies are an outpatient procedure and after a couple weeks there won't be any sign that it happened.The flip side is that they want to control how you use your medical coverage.In this case, they don't want to waste government money on an elective procedure like a vas.I'm so happy I ended up finding a local solution because I was planning on traveling to my hometown near Chicago where I know the PP performs vasectomies! The military wants bodies, the childfree lifestyle runs completely counter to this.I'm wondering if this is some stupid local requirement out there? I suppose regulations "may" have changed since it's been 7 years since my procedure, but i would be highly doubtful.I received a vasectomy at 23 courtesy of my Tri-Care coverage in Wyoming. My care provider had to speak with the ranking doctor on the installation who I think is a Brigadier General or a Colonel and that is who gave him the criteria.