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Tak więc nie tyle spadła ludzka gotowość do zoofilii, co po prostu brakło okazji, by ją w sobie rozwinąć.

30% praktykowało także ocieranie się o zwierzę w celu osiągnięcia orgazmu (swojego).W sumie warto zauważyć, że młodzi – zwykle między 10 a 15 lat – Amerykanie nie są egoistami i całkiem spora część z nich zajmowała się nie tylko sobą, ale i starała się sprawić przyjemność swojemu czworonożnemu partnerowi. Nieco ponad 1 promil, czyli co tysięczny nasz zachodni sąsiad bawi się z pieskiem czy innym swoim zwierzakiem tak jak pan David z tego artykułu.My “thata boy” factor immediately went up when I started carrying this book.– Medical students are always asking me what book they should get for their surgery rotation. This book literally walks you through your entire surgical rotation from how to tie knots to which segments of the liver the gallbladder sits on.It provides a concise review of how to accurately diagnose, workup and treat 90% of the medical conditions you will encounter.

I don’t know how they fit this into such a small package but it works.

– Regardless of what field you go into you are going to have to interpret EKG’s.

Even as a surgery resident I look at them almost daily.

By working through these cases you are sure to be able to identify both the horses and the zebras when it comes to boards and wards.

– I had barely heard of this resource before starting my third year of medical school. Not technically a book, this online database provides in-depth reviews of every disease process you will encounter based on the most recent evidence based medicine. Here’s a pro tip – it also contains “Patient Resources” – if your patient wants some basic information on their disease process this is often a great place to start. Our ability to quickly tap into a wealth of information from a handheld device would give Captain Picard some serious wood.

It is published in outline format but my favorite aspects are the “Clinical Pearls” boxes and the “High Yield Concept” headers.