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Our authentic hotel in Hawaii offers boutique accommodations in the center of Oahu’s most popular destination, Waikiki Beach.Waikiki is where travelers from all over the world come to enjoy Oahu’s mix of energy, adventure, and beauty, from catching waves off the island’s golden shores to snorkeling through Hanauma Bay’s sea floor crater.

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Since purchasing it about 10 days clocked into its “Best by” date for use eaten raw, next I plan on doing the frozen version. OK Poultry (Formerly known as KK Poultry) “Home of Waimana TKG Eggs” 41-656 Kakaina St.

In that state, where you can yank out the semi-soft raw yolk with hashi, let it marinate in Kawanaka Shoyu, then enjoy stuffed in an omusubi, atop noodles or Konnyaku like this!

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Waimanalo Bay Beach Park is located between Oahu's South and East Shores and is famed for its beautiful, long white sandy beach which is perfect for ceremonies of all sizes.

The turqouise waters make the most romantic backdrop and it was our most popular Oahu Beach Location for 2015. Due to it's location, Waimanalo Beach doesn't see a direct Sunset, However, the lighting in the early to late afternoon is just amazing.

Note that the “Best by” date is key, as that’s 14 days from the time the egg was laid, and is considered safe to eat raw.

After that of course the eggs are certainly still good to eat IF COOKED until the “Use by” date, which can extend on up to 6 weeks.

Following are photos taken at the old K Kaneshiro Poultry Store (OK Poultry) in Waimanalo. ;-) Again, it’s important to stress, Carolyn says, that “TKG” isn’t a brand or type per se that refers to eggs that are safely eaten raw.

It’s simply the FRESHNESS of the egg, along with the care and cleanliness that went into the production process.

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