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I got my job through matchmaking, and received a verbal offer the day of graduation.

It wasn't even a company I had picked to meet with.

Here is where I give my shoutout to my Java instructor, Brian (more review points for the competition with John : P).

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Break up the perceived informality and immediacy of texting. Sometimes these dudes back off if they think there are witnesses to the behavior (the equivalent of young-waitress-me saying I once had a creepy freelance client who was overly familiar in his emails and chat communications, so I invented a fake assistant & made a Gmail address for her and started CC-ing her on my responses to him – he STFU.I finished his project as fast as I humanly could and then turned down all future work.To be absolutely clear, you shouldn’t have to soothe the feelings of an adult professional man who is being inappropriate, especially one you are paying for a service, but sometimes I think that it’s strategically valuable to find a way to let the guy save face if you still need work out of him.You can save your real feelings for the Yelp review you’ll write later.Course topics include: Introduction to programming in Java, Serverside programming in Java, Database programming in Java, Java frameworks and design patterns and Client side web programming (Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Web services, XML, JSON)Course topics include Introduction to programming in C#, Serverside programming in . I also get too easily distracted at home, so I spent most of my evenings (and many weekends) working on homework in the classroom.

Of course I read these reviews before enrolling in Tech Elevator.

And if he doesn’t like it, HE can go find a new writing community.

Tech Elevator is an immersive 14-week coding bootcamp with tracks in Java and . Their mission is to elevate people, companies and communities. For the final capstone project, students will work together on a business project, building a fully-functional app using either Java or . In addition to the classroom hours, students will get 20 hours of career sessions through the Pathway Program™, which focuses on developing soft skills and connecting you to the right companies. NET frameworks and design patterns and Client side web programming (Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Web services, XML, JSON)Course topics include: Introduction to programming in Java or C#/. Despite knowing in my head that "this is going to be intense", there is no proper way to know how intense it is until you're sitting in that chair and there is a seemlingly endless stream of information and homework.

On Friday, the barista came up to my table and said she’d really like to get to know me because she loved the interesting conversations I had with so many people, and she doesn’t even care that that sounds creepy. But I’ve recently gotten divorced, and this THING just keeps on happening. Like, my contractor, who is fully 25 years older than I am, says flirty things all the time and texts me that we should run away to an island together.

IDK how to get him to back off without risking losing this thing rarer than unicorns – a good, affordable contractor.

Sometimes it makes me angry, like when a coworker asked me out, and after I politely said no, claimed he hadn’t been asking me out in “that way” at all, and then stopped talking to me, which makes me peevish because what the hell.