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Comfortable with their new roles, women were no longer afraid to show their femininity.

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Pac Bell learned that pregnant women could not be discriminated against and paid million dollars in settlement claims for pensions.

Other lawsuits established that a victim of sexual harassment need not show that she suffered physical or serious psychological injury as a result of the harassment.

A minority, 26%, wanted marriage and children, and didn’t care about a career!

(Think in 1990, described the cultural clash between two groups of mothers: those who decided to forego their careers – or take the off-ramp temporarily – to be at home with their kids and those who worked and raised kids with the help of day care centers or full-time nannies More than 50% of married moms with kids under the age of one were in the work force, yet the number of married moms opting to stay-at-home began to climb in the 1990’s.

Working women – with or without children – faced a myriad of challenges in the work place. Labor Department study of nine Fortune 500 companies confirmed that women and minorities faced barriers in their careers – the glass ceiling – at a far earlier stage than had been previously believed.

The glass ceiling meant a woman could advance only so far. They were excluded from essential networking and mentoring.He was sentenced to 4 months, but only served 3 and a half of those.Upon his release in early March 2014, he again focused on music and, in particular, his new mixtape project, By Any Means. Gates hinted that he had children by other women in a 2013 interview with Complex: "I got some children. I lay in the bed with them, hold them, love on them.Women were independent – presumably equal to men – so what did that mean for dating and romance? After years of casual relationships – serial monogamy and a few one-night stands – many women woke up in their 30s “baby crazy” with no eligible husband in sight. In the area of fertility, women were not equal to men.Their eggs had a shelf life – men’s sperm was non-perishable.Most families had two wage-earners and juggled household and child care responsibilities equally between husband and wife.