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I would probably have not gone into this if I didn’t know he would be leaving his wife.

Next day I meet this new guy and we spend a whole day together, I'm having fun when I get a text from bf, just one word something means between when we went on holiday. I know already that he won't be able to handle not seeing me until August.

Next day, Monday, around 4pm, I'm getting bombed with 2 sad voice notes on my phone. I can’t see you or hear your voice, and I won’t be able to last until August without you!

He never told the marriage councilor that he was seeing me. Now he has finally confided in his sister, who was suspecting that he’s got something else going on.

She's also psychotherapist, so she can give some good advice to my bf.

I don't want to push him away and I don't want to say the wrong words to him. He has always been 100% honest with me, and he is just doing the things he thinks needs to be done before he tells her it's really over, like settling the financial issues.

So I'm not sure, how long it will be dragged on...sit back till how long.??However, he really is in love with me, so can he really forget me and move on, pretending he likes being with her as much as he loved being with me?This is not a flame we have, it would have died down long ago.I also think he is not trying very hard and wants to be very nice to her in letting her know how he will leave.He doesn’t want to be confrontational and doesn’t want to hurt her.But I worry from other peoples stories that my bf may not be ready ever!