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All watch enthusiasts appreciate a storied timepiece.As passionate purveyors of obsolete timekeeping technology, it is simply in our nature to put a value on the history of our prized mechanical watches as well as the quality and craftsmanship behind them.

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Most notably, the 6139-6002 features an internally rotating bezel with tachymetre scale, operated via the crown.

The 6139 range was offered with a variety of case shapes and dial variations, but the yellow-dialed version you see here has become the most iconic.

Of course, nautical feats aren’t the only ones to capture the attention of watch enthusiasts; there is also the sky and the stars.

Aviation and space exploration have long been the stuff dreams are made of, and even in the modern age of regular commuter flights, automated drones, supersonic jet fighters and impending commercial space travel, man’s ascent into the heavens still captivates the imagination.

The discovery occurred in 2007 when an eagle-eyed timepiece enthusiast spotted a 6139-6002 on the wrist of Colonel Pogue, an astronaut on a NASA mission dubbed Skylab 4.

After an investigation and correspondence with the retired astronaut, suspicions were confirmed, forever changing the history of timepieces and the Space Program.This is why feats of human endurance for which our timepieces have been present and have withstood (even if they aren’t our specific timepieces, or our personal feats of endurance) mean so much to us.These are the stories that sell Submariners and Seamasters by the truckload.If you're bias thinking about how a guy is trendy to be attracted to you, how he lists you to act, and how he thanks you to make, you're not being you.Novo marked us the lowdown on all the events women might be alive wrong in your engagement to give.In 1973, Colonel William Pogue brought his Seiko 6139 Automatic Chronograph on board the Skylab 4 mission as part of his personal kit.