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Some folks march with heads held high into their senior years. When I turned 60 and could pass for less, i forsook senior price tickets at the movie theater or museum, even stretched that out until I realized that vanity had closed out opportunities I was dumb to miss.(In New York City a bonus comes your way at 65: you get half price fare on subways and buses, a bait that's hard to pass by.

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What makes this book different from others written for singles?

I believe that a truly savvy senior single isn’t looking for another self-help book that promises a fantastic new body for anyone who follows a mile-long list of impossible rules and expensive regimens.

Living in Manhattan, where walking is practiced by most of the population, one sees scores of elderly folks with canes or walkers or wheelchairs or scooters moving around as blithely as if they were mobilized by their own two feet, solo. NYC buses give some help, as they now have slides that open from the front door and land flat on the sidewalk, allowing a walker or wheelchair to board -- in only a minute or two.

It's a great courtesy and wipes out an excuse to stay home.

They've been held at different restaurants, including one at the home of a niece and her husband in Brooklyn.

The cast has included new faces and many familiar ones -- and music -- and the parties have blunted the need to rip another half decade from the and others.These practical issues include: * Skyrocketing STD rates in senior singles * Prenuptial agreements for senior singles who remarry * Financial security and protection from identity theft Landy recently discussed her book. A savvy senior single is an intelligent person over fifty years of age who is unmarried.I’ve heard it said that “fifty is the new forty.” The savvy senior single is young-at-heart, well-informed, and perceptive and lives a full life of joy and purpose. When my husband passed away and I found myself single again, I looked for books that would help me deal with the various issues I was experiencing. There were, however, many books written for singles in the 30-to-50 age bracket.George Burns, who lived to 100, willed a nice slogan to hold on to: "You have to get older, but you don't have to get old." . Every seven seconds in America, someone is turning 50 and facing the second half of life.Samantha’s timely advice is informed by her own personal experience.