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Lunch Dates is a waste of time and money and I would not recommend it to anyone!

This would have been fine if any of my dates were at least worth the conversation, however alas they were not and instead I was spending between - a date; to sit across from someone with little to no commonalities.

I tried to offer new locations, however some didn’t allow reservations and other times the places I wanted to try were not a central meeting location. The matchmakers would ramble on about what "his friends describe him as".

I'm athletic and participate in several sports clubs, hike & backpack most weekends and live a healthy lifestyle.

ALL of the men I was set up with would be classified as obese.

Guess what- I have already written off Lunch Dates and don’t plan to see any return on my investment; time or money wise.

So you can continue to bully me, set me up with duds and left overs and pretend you are an elite organization- but I know the truth. This is a terrible service and a complete waste of time. Yes, I was away for two 10-day periods but they knew this way in advance and could have scheduled around it. When I did not want this, they said I was being too picky. It took them a year to set me up with 10 dates, and most of them were bad matches.They did a short phone interview, sent me on two dates, and then met with me for 5 minutes to take my picture for my file.Little to no time was spent getting to know me or prior experiences to see why those didn’t work out and what I truly needed moving forward.Every time I called I would get a different matchmaker- it wasn’t one person who handled me.I felt when I gave feedback about what I didn’t like and what I expected it wasn’t heard because the next matchmaker would call and I would start from scratch regarding what I was hoping for, or why I didn’t want to continue to pursue the man from the last set up. I received 2 matches in my first 1.5 months, then 1 every 5-6 weeks with no matches in November, December or January.They are only available to speak during the week, usually from 10-5.