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Either way it goes to show the remarkable wisdom of our ancients!Anyway, after one arrives at the place their thumb impression is taken along with their date of birth.

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We were also told that it was a holy place, a – a hermitage (not to be confused with madam! On enquiry as to how much it cost, we were informed that it depended on what we wanted.If the interpretations were to be made in Tamil then it would be Rs.200 (~ , US), if translations were to be made it would be more.All they need for identifying the right leaf is the thumb-print of the person and the date of birth.On my travels with my friends, we happened to be passing by near where it was supposed that the ‘original’ Nadi leaves were kept- the Vaithishwara Temple near Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu.It was, however, subject to availability I was told, as I was asked to sit down in a fixed place while the search for it was on.

We declined this invitation and told them that we would go around the place and come later.The standard declaimer was put forth before the reading started.I was told that although all efforts had been made to get the script of my life, there could be some errors in interpretation.I asked him to go on and he said that both my parents were alive.Since, both of them are no more, he said that the inference had been probably arrived at, by the presence of their souls on earth!This could mean two things- either the ancients had the foresight to know as to who would visit the place and hence only the bio-data of those visitors would be available,or the leaves are preserved in some format wherein terabytes of data could be compressed and stored.