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and I see him drinking more than a glass, I kindly hand him the tea and go out of my way to ask him if he would like some water. How he takes on the challenge of recovery will tell you a lot about his strength of character. He felt extremely guilty for that night at dinner.. and I have never been in this situation or even know how to deal with this. Al-Anon is an organization for partners of recovering alcoholics. If your boyfriend does get into therapy, you might ask to be included now and then to talk about how you can support his recovery and what changes he is willing to make to deserve your trust. It’s too early to decide whether he is the one for you.Alcoholism is a serious issue which has the capacity to affect your life if you date someone with this problem.

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Be respectful of his desire to maintain his sobriety and change your drinking patterns based on his needs. Even alcoholics who have been in recovery for long periods of time have the potential to relapse.Be aware of the triggers the person you are dating has told you about. That day he decided to he needed to go to an AA meeting and his going to re-check himself. You both have work to do if you want to give it a chance. That night we get to his house and he tells me he drank over what he feels comfortable with and never wants to do that again. and thats when I get the full blown story of him being a recovering alcoholic. If you see tremendous potential in the relationship (as it seems you do), give it a few months. If he is incredibly honest with himself, he might be one of those who can pull it off.

Although most people couldn’t handle working in a bar and staying sober, there are people who do.His relationship ended and he decided to get help through AA. AA asked him kindly to stop sharing stories with the rest of the group because they did not agree with him working in a bar. He didn’t like the feeling of his face feeling hot. Currently, Butler is a freelance writer, penning articles focusing on mental health, healthy living and issues surrounding work-life balance.She is the principle/owner of ALIA Living, LLC, providing residential interior design services, professional organizing and life coaching.Alia Butler holds a Master of Social Work from Washington University, St.