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If I’m introduced to someone at a community gathering – say, a nice married woman – I immediately interrogate her about any single men in her family.

When my children have friends over, I oh-so-casually ask how that single uncle of theirs is doing.

Dating is, at times, like playing a game of “Jenga”: one wrong move and it all falls apart.Adding to that, dating within your friend circle is seldom taken positively, mostly because it ruins the dynamics of the group.ask your BFF to pull a "Georgia" so she can creepily watch you from afar and give you advice about what to do during your meal.Just cross your fingers your date doesn't notice the girl with a fake mustache sitting awkwardly behind your table.The first picture shows Miss Hoyer, dressed in a black hoody with the hood up, dark sunglasses and a fake moustache, staring directly back in the direction of the first date.

The second picture shows her with her face back down, whilst sitting alone, at a table behind them.No, I am not referring to keeping your love life a secret from your parents - we all do that.This is about those sneaky classroom romances that are much better off unannounced or unhindered with.My job is twofold: Keep the scumbags away while attracting the desirables. As promised, I approached no more men than night, and we returned home with souvenirs aplenty, albeit, none of the male human specimen variety.For Lizzie, a desirable means a loving, kind person who will make a nice husband and doting stepfather. Sometimes, it’s necessary for me to steal other people’s potential dates.A hilarious snap of Miss Hoyer grinning at the camera from her vantage point has been retweeted over 132,000 times with a further 311,000 likes.