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That moment when you meet someone (male, female, whatever) and get that tiny insight into who they are.

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Once on a blue moon I thought about it because it seems to directly address what I think is the main reason I haven't found someone: I don't meet and get to know enough new people.

And when I go out, I don't think anyone is interested in flirting.

If I were you - I'd go with the intention of having a good time and enjoying the experience - if you happen to meet someone, that's a bonus. I actually liked it and plan to go again once I have more time.

It was nice to meet men in my age you said it's nice to know that they really are there b/c they want to meet someone.

I first found out about speed dating by seeing it on an episode of Frasier.

After Googling it, I saw that there are sessions in my general area.

You're right about coming up with screening questions ahead of time.

Six minutes may or may not be enough time for us to learn enough about each other.

I mean I go to coffee shops just intending to get coffee or read, not to chat with strangers.

In a speed dating session, I will know that everyone I meet there is interested in finding someone.

The one I went to had more women than men, not sure if that is normal. I had dinner with 2 of them and it just didn't work out..I think they were qulaity dates (better than some of the ones I've had with guys from on-line sites). But you know it was fun to get out and meet people even chatting with the other ladies that were there was fun. I wonder if it would be a good idea to bring index cards with your vital stats written on them, and hand them out to all the dates you meet there.