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After the release of the enhanced footage, a team of gardaí was established to make a complete review of all the evidence in the case.Trevor Deely grew up in Naas, the youngest of a family of four; his siblings are Mark, Michele and Pamela. He was more than 6ft tall, with vivid red hair that helped make his “Missing” posters so memorable.

Video: Bryan O'Brien On Thursday this week, it was announced by An Garda Síochána that the six-week search for Trevor Deely’s remains had ended without success.Since August 14th, an intensive search had been taking place at a sealed-off three-acre area of wasteland in Chapelizod in Dublin, close to the R112.When the video of the enhanced footage was released in April, gardaí stated that they were satisfied that this man was the same person who was standing outside Deely’s office earlier, and who had spoken to him.That man has never been identified, and has never come forward, despite numerous appeals over many years.The forensic examination of the site and adjacent river was initiated by information that had recently been received by gardaí, from what they described as a credible source.

This information suggested Deely had been shot dead by a well-known criminal after a chance meeting on the night he disappeared, in December 2000, and his body concealed somewhere in this wasteland.

CCTV footage at the entrance to the office had already established that Deely had used his pass to open the gate soon after 3.35am, and that he had left again at 4.02am, with an umbrella.

Footage captured on CCTV from the bank entrance on that night was sent to Britain some months ago, and was re-examined, using specialised software to significantly enhance the existing images.

That man was not in CCTV range when Deely emerged at 4.02am, when he left his umbrella down before buttoning up his coat, and walking away.

At 4.06am, Deely made a phone call to his closest friend, Glen Cullen, who did not hear the phone ringing, as it was charging downstairs. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.’ Or words to that very close effect,” Cullen told two years ago, when interviewed for a three-part series on Deely’s disappearance.

He left a voicemail, which Cullen deleted the following morning. At 4.14am, the last known sighting of Deely was captured on the CCTV camera outside the Bank of Ireland on Haddington Road (now a Milano’s Pizza).