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Today, the large churches in Dutch towns still welcome the faithful with bare whitewashed plastered walls, with plain, stark spaces, where there is no indulgence in decoration.Inscriptions and coats of arms may sometimes grace the memorial tablets and sporadic images decorate the balustrades of the galleries, but everything else is strictly image less.

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My father is half Italian, so I've always been interested in the Italian culture and it's language. There may be no other country in which in the brief span of a hundred years so many paintings were executed as during the seventeenth century in the United Provinces, in Holland, as this land is commonly called abroad, or the Netherlands, to use the name it gave itself.Applications should always be submitted via the International Exchange (or Erasmus) Officer at the home university.This officer will send your application request (nomination) to Fontys.” Read the story at Huffington Post Read More » The birth of Impressionism can now be dated to a precise time: 7.35am on 13 November 1872.

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