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En poesa concretamente, Entre el coral i l'espiga (1952) de Blai Bonet, L'hora verda (1952) de Jaume Vidal Alcover y Poemes de Mondrag (1961) de Josep M.Llompart -con poemas fechados en los aos cincuenta-, muestran un proceso de estilizacin del paisaje, mediante la metfora y la metonimia, que sonaba a cosa absolutamente indita en un medio cultural que haba olvidado demasiado la aventura potica de Rossell-Prcel, verdadero iniciador del ciclo contemporneo.

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In the particular case of poetry, the collection Entre el coral i l'espiga [Between Coral and Wheat] (1952) by Blai Bonet, L'hora verda [The Green Hour] (1952) by Jaume Vidal Alcover and Poemes de Mondrag [Mondrag Poems] (1961) by Josep M.

Llompart - which included poems dating from the 1950s - reveal a process of stylisation of the landscape by way of metaphor and metonymy.

Arch, in the Buzau County, there were three defense citadels in the Middle ages, which later on became fortified monasteries: the one in Bradu, dating back to the 13th century, the monastery in Berca, built in the 17th century, and the fortress in Vintila Voda, which also used to be the seat of Vlad Aqu, en la encorvadura de los Montes Crpatos, en Buz?

u, en la Edad Media, hubo tres fortalezas, que, posteriormente se convirtiran en monasterios fortificados los de : Bradu, del siglo 13, de Berca, del siglo 17 y de Vintila Voda, que haba sido residencia del principe reinante Vlad Voda Vintila.

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