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Though it has a weaker GDP, it fared well on personal rights in the Social Progress Index compared to similar countries like Croatia, Hungary and Greece. Belgium — Belgium came fourth in the Gender Gap report just above Lithuania, and has more affordable housing than many countries with a similar GDP per capita according to the Social Index report. Estonia — Estonia is yet another Eastern European country putting nations with stronger economies to shame in this ranking.

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It performed best in the Gender Gap report, finishing in 13th. Portugal — Its economy may be struggling, but Portugal performed relatively well on environmental quality, access to education and tolerance compared to countries with a similar GDP per capita 11.Canada — Many Americans are moving to Canada following Trump's victory in the US election, and its not hard to see why.Movehub combined the findings to create a comprehensive report on the most socially liberal places in the world.While Scandinavian countries dominate the top 10, the results throw up some surprises.Porous asphalt allows water to filter through to the soil, while reducing runoff, erosion, and pollution.

However, it does cost more than its impermeable cousin, so you’ll have to take this into consideration.The Social Progress Index examines dozens of categories like religious and LGBT tolerance, affordable housing, press freedom and access to education.The WEF's Gender Gap report looks into gender parity in jobs and education, and the EPI focuses on factors like air pollution and recycling.“With the new contract we wanted to continue to lead by example and show our commitment to the environment by ensuring that they meet the very latest emissions legislation.” She added: “Stagecoach has taken up the challenge and is introducing these eco-friendly buses just for the Shuttle Bus.Because of recent technological advances in paving materials, there is a wide variety of eco-friendly options available to homeowners.It performed best in the Social Progress Index, coming in second place last year, and came in a respectable 25th place in the Environmental Performance Index. United Kingdom — Despite Brexit, overall the UK performed well, coming in at number 10.