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I prefer to share folders over the network, but the broken Homegroup was interfering with that.Now that I've fixed it, I am able to do exactly as you said.Windows is always so infuriating, I can't do the simplest thing like share files with myself, not even on Windows 10 which is supposed to be so wonderful.

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Contact your administrator to request access." Note that I also have shared some folders on PC #1 with "Everyone", and I can access them fine on both machines.

It's only the folders shared with my Microsoft username that produce the error on just that one machine. And now after trying numerous troubleshooting steps, I can't see any of my other computers in the Network File Explorer window on that same machine any more.

Apparently updating from previous Windows versions to Windows 10 broke the Homegroup settings on each computer which also somehow impacted file sharing among the Workgroup too.

At first I just re-entered my old password to get the Homegroup back up and running.

Both of these situations will generate the above error on a mail-enabled public folder.

How to check the Public Folder Ownership settings Before we can adjust the Ownership, we need to know how to find out how the ownership is set.If your environment has been upgraded from previous versions of Exchange you may see an object GUID listed as shown below instead of an Exchange server name.The second scenario in which you will receive this error is when the owner is set to one of the Exchange servers in your environment, but you attempt to manage the Send As permissions from a different server in your production environment.The broken Homegroup functionality was preventing all of that from working, though.same here, MS has a bug up it's but with sharing stuff..I log into all of my computers with the same MS account and I can see the folders I've shared with myself under that user name.