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Latest release and news can always be found here: Creator streams most days here: Cookie Video archive of all streams is here: Wiki with game info is here: Old threads are full here if anyone wants: nobody could be bothered, I'll take the hit Love how they are dragging this shit out by doing "x.5" updates being one of the big monthly updates. Having these story updates/scene updates would be too much work to include with the other planned content, I'm sure.

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Other than that, as an ending it would be pretty nice.

You don't see lesbians fucking each other all day every day but in porn lesbians are super vanilla I retract my statement about you seeming to have no idea what "vanilla" is supposed to mean.

This game is really bad specially the art,it was worse then fucking the milfs on unteralterbach ad those are really fugly but this game gets the prize.

I hope they get better art,even free eroges have better art then this shit (there are tons if you know the places to search)30451Seriously, what is fun about getting women pregnant?

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30387I liked the Halloween update as a nice surprise. I think he did a poll about it, though, and the options were Mafia, improve aunt, sis and mom, or improve Erik and Mia's story. 30404Because cuck fetishists are a very vocal and wealthy part of the patronbase of nearly every game and devs are constantly looking to grow their games in breadth rather in depth because it means more Patreon months.30421oh god you're has more money to spend on porn games than cucks who has never touched a pussy.maybe the devs figured that out a long time ago and thats why they shoved so much cuck shit into their games.

I would have gone with the last one, it seems like the second one won, but he is still doing 1 and 2, it seems. Didn't the Patreon page or something have a list of fetishes that were(or were going to be) in the game? Curiously enough, though, I for some reason remember "monster girl." Maybe that's the orc cosplay.30394All I ever found was being able to fuck her, horrific enough for Halloween. I'll take any amount of cucking over the whole "get every female pregnant" thing.

30562So…I'm yet to see why there's any benefit to any of them getting pregnant. They're all horny sluts anyway, it adds literally no value to the story unless you have some weird fetish to get people pregnant but when it's ultimately not going to lead to anything…the appeal??

Also it's hardly a harem yet he's just fucking a bunch of girls that mostly don't know about it, it's not like they all crowd around him waiting for their slice.

Literally the only reason sex exists in the first place, to come inside and to reproduce. Sure, it's a shit fetish, but everyone being hyper-aware and worried over it is some silly thing that popped up in the last couple of months.30525Getting to cum inside and having a baby from it is a shit resolution to sex, getting to cum inside and not worry about a baby then do it again is the best sex. Appealing to nature is a shit argument, we've went beyond nature in so many ways and are one of the only animals to have sex for fun because we've figured out the best ways to do it. Though it's good when she's pregnant and incredibly horny but every female in this game is like that already so that's only a real world positive.