Formview itemupdating new values

Best Regards,__________________________________________________Sincerely, Rex Lin Microsoft Onlin... Details View updating -- New Values empty in Item Updating, Item Updated not called Hi, I'm having trouble updating data using Details View. I dont know how to wrie an event_handler ,specifically, for... How does Visual Studio create equivalents of the datagrid's and gridview's columns and rows?

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Data Source = new object[] ; It shows up fine in the view. Data presentation control in another Data presentation control Hello, I want to make a menu with datalist or gridview control. Form View Control I'm running into a behavior which seems odd to me.Hi newbie2C#, The row in datagrid is called Data Grid Item and in gridview is called Grid View Row. Data Row is only one kind of row in Grid View control. Form View1 talks to my Opportunity table and has an Item Template and an Edit Item Template.Form View2 talks to my Activities table and has an Item Template, Insert Item Template and an Edit Item Template.The Grid View only reads data from the Activities table and does not appear to affect this problem.

All of the controls read from the tables with no problem and switch modes with no problem, but when going into Update mode, changing something and clicking the Update button, it does not save the information to the tables. Regarding on the Form View updating problem, I think it is likely a page specific issue.

I suggest you can debug it in your side, check the event how to execute and the value how to change!

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Since two way binding is not supported for the First Name Text Box, the special code for extracting values is not generated resulting in null being sent back for the First Name property. I just don't understand why using a nested control doesn't work properly.

To work around this, you will need to subscribe to the Item Updating event and extract the values yourself: I'm curious to know why the two-way databinding isn't functional for nested controls. In any case, your blog entry helped me solve my problem, so I wanted to say thanks!

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