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We're pleasantly surprised to keep finding one awesome feature after another.We thought that our favorite benefit to even our 'free' membership was the external profile link.And we earn points for all those new members that we can use to upgrade to paid status. We put the link in our AOL profile as an experiment, and 3 weeks later, we're close to having earned enough points for a 6-month paid membership.

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On perusal, it doesn't look like we refer a lot of straight peoples at all - I suppose that's one of the many benefits of living in the light - even when we cross the line into the the community.

If half those guys didn't burn so many calories pretending they're straight, swing clubs would be a lot more fun. But I simply dig the stats that you collect on site activity - you're really in tune with what's happening here. You have got to know how unique that is in this market. I don't have to code it, I don't have to host it, the interface to get it there doesn't insult my intelligence, but even the garden-variety Web TV loser can get through it.

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Open minded married white male looking for a little something different.

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free social apps for facebook: monopoly game show Sales Spider Nearly Newlywed After Shark Tank free business chat rooms online love test unblocked games. Lovers Sayings and Quotes women in maine history i love to know organic, celebrity date quizzes. I guess that's what the evil empire gave us that big x up there on the right for. And saving us all, those useless hours answering the same set of stupid questions from people that share no interests with us - may get you eligible for sainthood (if you believe in that sort of thing*) so without further adieu...Here's the little blurb that ties the two concepts together...I hope that our referrals evolve to the paid status soon...And we've seen a few that we suspect will end up there sooner rather than later.So, I've agonized over writing this testimonial, and it dawned on me in the shower this morning why - the one thing that we really have some huge kudos to lavish upon you for.... And once I've filled out my profile, I don't have to insult (spam) people to share it with them.