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The Committee reminded Turkey of the absolute prohibition of torture, as defined in the Convention Against Torture, Article 2, Second Paragraph: “No exceptional circumstances whatsoever, whether a state of war or a threat of war, internal political instability or any other public emergency, may be invoked as a justification of torture.” This reminder by the Committee is even more meaningful under the conditions we are living in today.

Besides, as mentioned in all the international documents, medical examinations conducted in the entry to and exit from detention should take place in the health institutions.

We underline these points as two human rights institutions, established in order to cope with severe human rights violations brought about by the Military Coup of 12 September 1980, and to avoid the re-occurrence of such incidents.Even 36 years after this coup, a full recovery of the severe physical, psychological, and social destruction it has caused could not be obtained, despite all our efforts.But still the chances of engaging in erotic sex, casual flings and cyber sex remain unaffected.The website offers the best enjoyable sexual encounters for all its members through its amazing communication facilities, like video chatrooms, live web cams and instant messenger.On the left hand side, you can see plenty of snapshots of sensuous girls ready for getting laid, while on the right, you can enter some basic information, like username, email, gender, location and date of birth to create an account.

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In order to reveal the responsible of the failed coup attempt of July 15, investigations are immediately launched and thousands of military members and civilians are detained.

Nevertheless, the media coverage of the detentions -images and news- are worrying us.

Our greatest consolation is that the coup attempt, plotted by those who displayed felonious actions, including murder of civilians and the bombardment of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, has failed.

When the incidents that took place on the evening of July 15 are taken into consideration, it is more than a foresight to say that in a probable success of the attempt, loss of lives and human rights violations would reach to even more dramatic levels.

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