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And Australian director Michael Gracey claimed he was aware of the risk Hugh was taking and praised the star for giving '150 per cent' throughout the production.

The first-time director spoke to Daily Mail Australia at the Sydney premiere: 'He told me about it, but I️ just didn't want him telling anyone else.' 'He told me about it, but I just didn't want him telling anyone else': The Greatest Showman director Michael Gracey praises Hugh Jackman's stellar performance after defying advice from his surgeon to sing in musical'I️ kept an eye on it.

important; display: block; position: absolute; z-index: 100000; right: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; padding-top: 5px;"); $("div", $("#ag-logo").parent().parent().parent()).remove(); $("#main Icon Bar").attr("style","display: block; background-image:none; background-color:#fff!Australian actor Hugh Jackman was advised by his surgeon not to sing in big-budget movie musical The Greatest Showman, as it could have split the stitches he had received in his nose after he underwent surgery to remove skin cancers.Speaking to The Sun, the ex Wolverine star said: 'My doctor had said, 'Do not sing, you've just had 80 stitches in your nose. On the first day of rehearsals, Hugh walks in, he sees me, puts his arms out and shouts, 'Michael!They really could split apart, you could get an infection', which I'd had before in a similar operation'.'So I was like, 'Don't worry I'm not going to risk that, I'm just going to speak it and someone else will sing it'' Hugh said, before conceding he got swept up in the moment and belted out the musical's tunes himself. ' Ahead of the last premiere for the film, Hugh, appeared to confirm that his doctor's worst fears eventuated via an Instagram video Ahead of the last premiere for the film, Hugh, appeared to confirm that his doctor's worst fears eventuated via an Instagram video. ' As we're hugging he whispers in my ear, 'Yeah, mate, they think I know you, so just go along with it.' So we pretended like we were best friends the whole shoot, and we had so much fun,' he said.Block users This is the list of members you have blocked and you can unblock them from here.

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He sets the tone on set when it's 40 takes in and he's still going.

'No one else is complaining, because Hugh's out there giving it 150 per cent ever single time,' he praised the hardworking acting legend.

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