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When you subscribe to an RSS Feed, Outlook periodically checks for updated postings.

RSS Feed publishers can specify the maximum frequency at which a check for new postings should occur. For example, an RSS Feed might have a maximum polling frequency of 60 minutes — this means don't check for updates more than once per hour.

The reason I'm asking is because I know that several sites I subscribe to auto-update immediately and frequently.

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But when I enter a new entry, google reader takes a long time to auto-update the feed.

Is there a reason for this or another tag I should put in my channel to make auto-updating happen faster or is that just the way g-reader works?

Important: Some publishers strictly enforce these limits.

If you check for updates more frequently than the specified limit, the RSS Feed publisher can temporarily or permanently block your access.

We understand you may not agree with this decision, but we hope you'll come to love these alternatives as much as you loved Reader.

I've coded up an RSS feed for my site using basic PHP feed here When I first subscribe to the feed in Google Reader for testing purposed all the latest items load.

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Many RSS Feeds use messages that contain a brief summary of a larger message or an article with a link to the full content.

You can configure Outlook to automatically download the linked content as an attachment to the RSS messages.

In fact, Google checked to see if there's any new item in a feed every 3 hours if a had a single subscriber, and every hour (or more often) for the rest of the feeds.