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How to be faithful and happy in a monogamous relationship Whether you’re married or not, here are 17 tips on how you, too, can be happy with just one partner.

No matter how it plays out, at least you can be proud that you managed to keep your promise and make it work without cheating. There’s nothing more important than keeping the lines of communication open.

However, let’s not just focus on the negative, shall we?

When you stay focused on your current relationship, there’s no need to seek another. Make your loved one happy by surprising them for no reason.

Whether it’s buying her flowers or shopping for fancy cuff links for him, never stop trying to please.

It will only work to your benefit if you’re honest and don’t keep things pent up inside. Many people who have affairs blame their vanilla sex life at home.

When you communicate well with your partner, you have conversations about anything and everything, and share your dreams and fears. Don’t let the same thing happen to you, and be sure to keep things hot and spicy in the bedroom.

There’s the age-old argument that claims we as humans, being animals, aren’t built to stay monogamous.

Many people will disagree with me, but I’m going to call bullshit on this statement.

When your spouse is happy, they in turn will make you happy, and you’ll find less and less reasons for needing to cheat. If you can keep the spark alive and behave like a brand new couple, your relationship is a winning one.

Indulge in date nights, and shower your loved one with the attention and love that they deserve.

Despite the fact that many people cheat, many people don’t!

There are those out there who realize that it is possible to be happy in a monogamous relationship.

If you can slave away at work to make money for a heartless corporation, you sure as hell can work hard at home to keep your relationship third-party-free. A reason why many couples can’t keep up with monogamy is because they drift away from their spouse.