Intimidating soccer chants

The Arkles pub (pictured right) near to the ground on Anfield Road, is known as the away fans pub, but as can be expected it can get extremely crowded.It also has a handy fish and chip shop located just around the corner from it, called John's Supper Bar.

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The other end, the Anfield Road Stand, part of which is given to away supporters, was opened in 1998.It is two tiered with a smaller upper tier overhanging a larger lower one.Mark Parsons a visiting Aston Villa fan adds; ' We arrived at the Arkles at about 1.15pm and already found it packed out, with fans queuing outside to get in.We asked a very helpful WPC for any other away friendly pubs and were told to go to the Flat Iron which was a five minute walk away.Head away from the ground and the pub is down at the bottom of this road on the right hand side'.

Otherwise located near to the away turnstiles is a food and drink area, which serves alcohol too.

Away fans are located in the Anfield Road Stand at one end of the ground, where just under 3,000 seats are available, although this can be increased for cup games.

This stand is also shared with home supporters, some of whom will be sitting in the small seated tier above the away fans.

The Club have received outline permission to expand the Anfield Road End, which could further boost the overall capacity of Anfield to 60,000.

No formal timescales have been announced as to when this might take place, although the current planning permission expires in 2019.

The Wolves fans insisted on standing so it was like trying to watch the game through a letterbox! There is a betting outlet and the refreshment kiosks sell a wide variety of Pies including a ' Scouse Pie' (£3.50), Potato and Meat, Potato and Butter, Cheese Slices and Sausage Rolls (all £3.40).