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Whenever he did find somebody, it did not go more than a couple dates - finding out she was a smoker, someone with baggage (divorced or separated, or single mom), extremely unattractive, or just plain lacking ambition, or not wanting children.For older adults, there are plenty of single women out there when you go 45 and older - just go to any singles events and you'll see for yourself.

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Does anyone know if such an individual or agency exists that provides this service? Okay, I think I inadvertently mislead people, AL are my initials. : )My experiences with internet dating have included misleading info.

(I'm sure that goes both ways like height, weight and photos a decade or two out of date), and because I'm not just about physical appearance I've went out with several even though there has been no initial attraction and left needing therapy.

Does anyone know if such an individual or agency exists that provides this service? Welcome to Kelowna and Here's a list of local dating services: ... Edit to add: keep yourself open to the possibility of meeting that special someone in your day to day life..

Who knows, you may find your soon to be spouse standing in front of you at the grocery store!

Alot of men online are just dogs - woof woof.there appears to be a singles thing going on in Vernon..sure if it's what you're looking for but I happened to stumble on it and thought I'd let you know.... ...

_party/825Kelowna is not at all a good place to find love if you are between the ages of 30 to 45 if you are a man - it becomes more of a sausage party then.

State that you're looking for dating or friendship.

So many women (and I guess men) are posting that they are looking for a relationship or looking to get married. Tell them you're looking for friends or to date - you'll stand a better chance at meeting someone you like because there's no "relationship" attached to it. Telling men that you're adamant about a relationship sometimes makes them drive you nuts or gives them expectations.

Maybe even better so they get to know you as a person instead of a someone that's been on and off dating sites?

I've met them all - some women shoule be locked up in the looney bin and others were fantastic. Over the years i've talked to many women online and found that men are the worst out there - the stories i've been told and the emails they've sent me made me want some BC bud, and I don't smoke dope lol My rules on internet dating: If you're going to meet this person, do it now - not later.

lol I just thought it would be really nice to have someone else screen out those with major issues leaving sane, functioning adults you wouldn't be embarrassed to bring home to mom.