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HALL OF FAME - 36% better mileage for the last 225K miles since the install!! If your are not satisfied you can get your money back of purchase price. We offer a a refund of .95 if you send the circuit back in good shape. The volo circuit is built to last, it should last many years.

2006 Chevy Duramax This customer was written up in Sand Sport Magazine. We started collecting Volo customer test data (feedback) from our customers. Corporate America would fire me for letting you know the truth!

No other circuit on the market day does what the Volo chips do, they read the RAM side of the EPOM of your ECM, not the ROM side as 99% of the mechanic tinker with. No lose from your wallet, if it does not work on your car, just .00 for postage. Volo VP15 results from a customer Contact e-mails from 10/08 to 4/12. Many new makes and model cars are being designed and patches fixed on certain models. Please send us your results so we can keep adding to this page. I am now at our place in Baja and have disconnected the chip.

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Cam X4 is a cool feature we offer that allows users to either put on a show or watch other users broadcast themselves.

The cool part about it is that it shows how many people are watching your webcam show and the more users that watch your show the higher up in the list you go.

I have my scanner with me and the mileage has decreased.

Will let you know the results when i get back home the end of this month. Chevy Astro Van 1997 =I'm into only a weeks worth with the FS2. I don't notice much in the way of better MPG as yet, C but that may be cuz I'm driving it harder, cuz it's fun having more power. I was getting higher MPGs I think using the FS1 than the FS2HHO version, but without the additional gain in HP.

Works great on all diesel pickup trucks, Dodge Cummins, Ford and Chevy Duramax, up to 2013!

30% mileage increase with an HHO kit from HG garage. More engine MAPS with VP4-VP7 software updates (11/12) correct alot of the cars and trucks below that did not get results.

When you go higher in the list you get even more viewers to watch you.

It's like a popularity contest and the more interesting shows get more viewers than the boring ones.

We have some pretty cool, weird and exciting people putting on shows so get in on the action before you miss out!