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We have been programmed by social standards which in turn were programmed by religions and tradition.We will be happier and more free the more we are aware which of these "rules" that are constringing our own life.It's like having a bumper package of benefits.2.

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You sidestep a considerable amount of potential heartbreaks.5.You literally have all the time in the world to work out your differences, learn each other's strengths and flaws, and understand each other perfectly, or at least 95%.And, equally amazingly, we become more attracted to people who are good for us, and less interested in people who diminish us or leave us feeling insecure.The more we embrace our deepest gifts, the more we find people who really love us for who we are.If you are that lucky, you have found what people spend extra five or eight years looking for.

ALSO READ: While others are ending their fickle, fleeting relationships, you are depositing all your emotional resources into only one relationship.4.

Compared to those who find love later in life and feel the need to rush into marriage, you can count yourself really lucky.6.

There is every chance that your family will already know him or her after a while.

Being single now, you have a chance to change the kind of person with whom you’ll build your future. Do you identify with any points on the following checklist? We’re taught that the search for love is a numbers game, with odds against everyone but the young and beautiful. That self-esteem and grandiosity are the same thing.

As I explain in my book , that is a soul-killing map of the path to love.

Everyone deserves to enjoy their youth, true, but not at the expense of finding true love.