Male body language dating

If a guy is talking to you and you think he is flirting, here’s one tip to help you.Observe how much time he spends holding eye contact.When a guy is attracted to you, their gaze would often stray to your lips.

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So if you return the smile, chances are he will make his way to your side soon.It is also normal for a guy to chat you up in the hopes of getting to know you better.When reading body language, flirting can be shown in many ways, and staring at your lips is one indication.Their eyes could stray to that area of your face when a person is thinking about kissing you.If a stranger does either of the two, that man could find you attractive.

If you met a stranger’s gaze, that guy might come your way and talk to you.To the contrary, when someone is interested in you, their gaze could reach downwards to your lips.This subconscious staring at your puckers could signal interest.When someone finds you attractive, that person will look at you three-quarters of the time.Eye contact could also last for up to seven seconds. If you are confused by a man’s intentions, you could use some lessons on body language.